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I'm not really sure what you define as the best three strips - it's rather
subjective. Does best mean the most developed airfields, the least
developed, longest/shortest runways, bland or hairy approaches?

St Maartens is an international airport, St Kitts is getting that way, St
Barts is short and steep so limited to  small aircraft only. Saba is very
short, St Eustatius and Nevis are average.

One thing I note from the posts over the last few days is the need for
charts. I'm not sure if this is just for curiosity or whether pilots
consider it difficult to be without them. If the latter it's a worrying
trend because you don't really need them. A quick look at FSNav should give
you the location and runway alignment you need (equivalent to Pooleys) and
Google earth the local topography (equivalent to CAA charts).

Before Pooleys came along we never had airfield charts and the standard
procedure was to fly to the airfield as marked on the chart, look for it,
fly overhead and note the runway alignment and, if posh, the landing
direction from the signals square. If no landing direction info was
available we looked at the windsock and picked our own runway. In FS we
don't have these visual clues (I don't think windsocks can be seen from
above) but we have METAR data and that gives the wind direction.


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So that we can get the most out of it, and have the best charts to hand,
could you name the best three target strips please?

I'll not do a recce, to increase the surprise, after reading some of the

Gerry Winskill

bones wrote:

> Thanks John.
> I may have to man St Kitts if Phil is unable to join in. If so I'll
> try and combine an Area function as well so will still log in as
> Piarco Centre.
> bones
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>     Ok Bones
>     I will man St Barts as Mike Brook  supplied the Charts.
>     Thankyou Mike
>     John Hill

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