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I remember seeing a 3-D setup at the B/pool FS show a couple of years ago and wonder if that would give a bit of depth perception.I suppose one would look like he was ready to be shut in an asylum if he were seen sat down glued to a monitor with h/phones, tracker,and 3-D glasses on. Fred ----- Original Message ----- From: "bones" <bones@xxxxxxx>

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It's funny but I've got closer to more aircraft in the real world than in FS - and it's safer in the real world too. Maybe it is because depth perception is better but in FS it is much harder to tell when you are closing up on an

Luckily I've never needed crash detection in real life either.. <vbg>


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I've had crash detect of for ages on account of the restart situe and just
coped with a little struggle to get control again after a crash and get in
route.Some things I learn by chance I guess;not a luxury real pilots can
have. Fred

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If you stick with Realism on full/high/max or whatever it is harder
but it makes you a better pilot. Max settings give you full torque and
Prop effects and trickier slow flying handling.

The only concession for PCI is to turn crash detection off. If you
someone hits you then you restart back at your original airport - which
rather spoils the fun.


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