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Hence the classic caveat "At your discretion" ? Much used at the Jurby airshows!

Gerry Winskill

For the unmanned airfields it doesn't matter what you do because ATC will
not get involved - it becomes your choice.


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Given the close proximity of the strips, I think we also need to plan a
contingency for the inevitable "server" lag.  For most of the session we
should all be withn the 40 mile range and that will probably cause a
significant build up for some flyers.

Do we:

a) fly what we see - ie. if an aircraft is on finals / take-off ahead of us
we go around.


b) fly what we know is current. ie. controllers know the aircraft has
cleared the airspace but we are stil seeing it.

My thoughts are for a combination.

If the aircraft seen is likely to obstruct you in anyway, go around,
otherwise ignore it.


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The problem with this run is that we have six airfields to cover.
thought I suggest that the three important airfields to man are St
St Barts and St Kitts. Frank has the first so I'd like volunteers for St
Barts and St Kitts. <g>

The original plan to double up isn't feasible except for maybe the St
Kitts/Nevis pair. For Saba, St Eustatius and maybe Nevis they will be
unmanned but I'll provide traffic information from TTZP (Piarco FIR).
We can fine tune this on the night.


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Been very quite for this, I assume that after everyone has checked out

scenery, and they want to do the session.

Unless otherwise, I will be at TNCM_APP Princess Julianna.

Frank F

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