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A BN Islander too! a little birdie tells me there is going to be an excellent one of these available from Aerosoft available soon. Although I haven't seen it yet.


Gerry Winskill wrote:
Is it possible to get to St Eustatius by tube? Speak up....

Gerry Winskill

bones wrote:

We will need Centre for any IFR traffic. For the VFR aircraft the distances
are so short that controllers should handover directly to each other. For
example it is only 18nm or so between St Eustatius and St Kitts so handovers
will be necessary almost as soon as the aircraft is out of the circuit

I hope to run Centre if all the airfields are manned but if we are short of
controllers then Centre will have to be the first position dropped.


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First requisite, who will controlling on the night.
Second, who will be flying.
Third, will there be a center, or would it not be necessary.

If we have 4 controllers, and only 3 needed, then an extra pilot will be



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