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Aye captain.


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Bones -

I'm having a look at your freeware scenery suggestions (being much too tight
to go off and buy the expensive 'France VFR' stuff). Just one small point -
the suggested mesh filename (available at AVSim) is 'LesserAntillesMesh.zip'
and not 'LesserAntilliesMesh.zip' (too many 'i's or is it too much rum


> The default scenery is basic but an additional mesh creates
> the proper hilly bits around St Barts and Saba. I'd suggest
> the LesserAntilliesMesh.zip for this. If you would like nicer
> scenery then Tony Agramont's Caribbe_North.zip and
> Caribbe_South.zip add some nice detail to the islands. One
> word of caution - FS have got the default airfield height of
> St Maarten wrong so the default runway (and any added scenery
> runway) sits about 10ft above the terrain. It looks slightly
> odd but if you stay on the runway and taxiways you should be OK.

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