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  • From: Mike Lucas <mhlucas@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2007 11:01:26 +0100

I'm certainly up for it <g>

Mike L

bones wrote:
For our session this week I'd like to suggest the Caribbean tour I mentioned
a week or so ago.

I hope the picture gets through otherwise what I go on to say will be a load
of cobblers. If you don't get it I'll post it on a web page.

The session is unusual as it involves six airports for the VFR pilots. These

St Maartens (TNCM),
St Barts (TFFJ),
Saba (TNCS),
St Eustacius (TNCE),
St Kitts (TKPK)
and Nevis (TKPN).

Compared with normal sessions this is a true island hopping exercise as
distances are very short - it only being 54nm from TNCM to TKPN. It should
be quite viable for a full tour of the six airports to be made within the
session. The only provision I would add for the session is that no pilot
starts up on the ground at St Bart's (TFFJ) - you can pick any airport to
start at except this. I'd also urge everyone to make St Bart's a port of
call en route as it is the most challenging of the six airports.

With so many airports open we either make three of them non ATC or each
controller picks two airports. As the islands are nicely paired I'd suggest
that TNCM and TFFJ be under one controller, TNCS and TNCE under another and
TKPK and TKPN for the third. As we only get a runway diagram for the
airfield we centre on it would be best to locate to the bigger of each pair
and control this properly. For the minor airfield we provide aircraft
separation but each pilot is responsible for circuit joining and landing. It
sounds complex but it is quite easy if we look at each group.

St Maartens and St Barts.
In this case the controller centres at TNCM and provides a normal service.
He can look out for aircraft flying to St Bart's and provide traffic
confliction but once the pilot has the airfield in sight it is up to him to
position for a landing there.

Saba and St Eustacius.
Centre at St Eustacius and provide guidance to and traffic info on aircraft
going to Saba.

St Kitts and Nevis.
Centre on St Kitts and watch traffic going back and forth to Nevis.

The default scenery is basic but an additional mesh creates the proper hilly
bits around St Barts and Saba. I'd suggest the LesserAntilliesMesh.zip for
this. If you would like nicer scenery then Tony Agramont's Caribbe_North.zip
and Caribbe_South.zip add some nice detail to the islands. One word of
caution - FS have got the default airfield height of St Maarten wrong so the
default runway (and any added scenery runway) sits about 10ft above the
terrain. It looks slightly odd but if you stay on the runway and taxiways
you should be OK.

IFR pilots have a much greater choice of airfields. The islands run for
400nm so there are plenty of options here - San Juan, Antigua, Barbuda, St
Lucia, BVI, Martinique, Dominica, St Vincent, Anguilla, Guadeloupe and even
Barbados. Of the manned airports only St Kitts and St Maarten are big enough
for heavy metal but neither are excessively long.

It needs both the controllers and the pilots to accept this idea before we
go ahead as it is a challenge for everyone.


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