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Generally yes but then towing combinations have right of way over all else.

Actually it's a rhetorical question not specifically covered by the ANO. The
glider/airship is another example as the glider is unpowered and
theoretically has right of way but is far more agile than an airship.


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No idea of the correct answer bu my sailing nav insists that power gives
way to sail, so my guess the airship gives way?

Gerry Winskill

bones wrote:

> But if an airship is towing a glider does it have to give way to a
> balloon?
> Don't laugh - that question is in the CPL examination list!
> bones
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>         Start asking questions then - that's what this list is all
> about!
>         bones
>     Will do at some stage, still digesting the I Pack goodies, like
>     gliders have to give way to balloons!
>     Frank T.

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