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I remember that the move from FSD to PCI was daunting for some pilots and
that a few didn't make the transition - David Greenhalgh, Robert Erskine and
Phil Webb amongst others. I really don't want to lose anyone if we move to
IVAO either and will do my best to help ease the changeover.

It is always hard at first because there are two obstacles to overcome.
Familiarity with the new software is the first problem - assuming
installation is overcome. Pilots can help each other here as the faster
learners can give pointers for those still coming to grips with the system.

Trying to fly is the second hurdle because there are new things to learn.
Keeping a grip on the software changes as well as talking to ATC means that
the first few sessions will see a slowing down in reaction times - but this
will slowly pick up.

That ATC is of a higher level in IVAO shouldn't be too great a worry. Most
controllers seem very friendly and will be patient with newcomers but you
may encounter new ATC styles and phrases you may not have heard before.
Pilots on IVAO on Tuesday may have heard me use a couple of phrases I have
never had to use on PCI but none are too difficult to understand. Again, as
we used to find in early FPI days, a question about a particular command may
be asked here and it will lead to a detailed explanation of what the phrase
means or implies.

For example, on IVAO I may ask an inbound aircraft "What are your flight
conditions?". This means I want to know if you are IMC or VMC - because this
will dictate whether I issue a VFR or SVFR clearance into the zone. This may
mean nothing to our new pilots but we covered IFR/VFR/SVFR many years back
on FPI and it will crop up again on IVAO. In other words we will be talking
a lot more on this list about the interaction between ATC and pilots, we
will run over old ground again and we may cover some new areas that need
exploring and discussing.

As to our weekly sessions I think we need to discuss this as part of the
general discussion about IVAO. The UK night is each Tuesday and we could
join in that - or we could stick to Wednesday and liven up those nights
which are rather quieter online at the moment.

One other thing about IVAO. There are exams to aim for should pilots wish to
improve their ranks. Don't consider these difficult - some of our long term
pilots could probably jump through the first one or two without any problem
as you know more about operations than you may believe. Accept though that
some questions are on IVAO operation or software so it may be worth settling
in for a while before thinking about the exams. Again any questions about
procedures or operations are welcome here because that is what this email
list first started out for.


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I will be keeping the PCI software installed but suggest the Wed. session
there is not continued.

I would agree with Mike and Gerry and believe that for VFR it is not
practical.  Instead I think we should manage fly-ins as was done on Tuesday.
Perhaps rotating focus between the strips staffed by JHB members.

For me, the question is do we add to the Tuesday UK online night, set up JHB
fly-ins to replace the Wednesday PCI sessions, do both or neither?

I am aware some JHB members have yet to establish themselves on IVAO but I
see that as a short term issue and one that is, compared to FPI/PCI,
relatively easily resolved.  I also recognise there is a learning curve for
several of us but I'm confident we can cope.  I have to admit, I've been
putting off the learning bit but I really ought to knuckle downso I can get
the pilots L1 exam out of the way. Having said that, referencing the manual
several times over to trouble shoot problems that have occurred amongst our
crews is doing some of the learning so perhaps I shouldn't be so hard on


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I'll remove all the PCI stuff from mine, in the morning.

John, I couldn't contact you at EGNS tonight. If you want traffic at EGDD
just shout. Course I'm qiite deaf, so you'll need to email that you're

Gerry Winskill

Mike Lucas wrote:

> Well, just as you are forced to reinstall PCI software, I am removing
> it.  This evening's session convinced me that the lag is totally
> unacceptable.
> I joined Paul at LFLL and, within 10 minutes, I was seeing at least 2
> minutes lag in his position - and he and I were the only aircraft at
> LFLL.  (And only one other aircraft in the session, but Frec was some
> distance away).  I re-joined Paul at LFLU no more than half an hour
> later and I was seeing lag of 5 minutes - again with only the two of
> us around.
> Having seen last night how well IvAp copes with a lot more traffic, I
> really don't see any point in sticking with PCI.  I can live without a
> second voice channel, and I reckon the "JHB Club" evenings on
> Wednesdays could either re-develop on FSHost or along the lines that
> we enjoyed last night around EGNS.
> Mike L
> bones wrote:
>> Stupid PCI software. Removing the PCF pilot software has resulted in
>> it zapping the DLL's needed for the controller software so I'll have
>> to reinstall PCC5..
>> bones
>> bones@xxxxxxx
>> http://fsaviation.net

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