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A frustrating night and although I tried to sort it out for two hours I
didn't succeed in getting voice to work. The radar screen was fine and
logging on saw four aircraft flying around the nominated airfields. Text
messages to John also went through but I doubt pilots would like a text
service nowadays having got used to voice.

I don't know why voice has failed. I had to reinstall VoiceClient because it
had been removed but it seemed to run OK when I started it up. I created
both channels, I could see people in those channels and I could see the
yellow lights come on as they spoke. I couldn't hear anyone and I don't
think I could transmit either. No yellow light came on when I pressed the TX
key and I heard no mike click when I let go. Oddly enough the letter T came
up when I transmitted but I can't see that it signifies anything.

If there is a DLL behind the workings of VoiceClient then it didn't get put
back in on reinstalling. In all other respects the software is behaving the
way it should - it just isn't allowing sounds to be sent or received.

Whilst I feel that PCI days are coming to an end I intended to provide a
much longer transition period before relocating to IVAO. Unfortunately if I
can't sort this problem out I may not be able to join in PCI sessions in the
future. This isn't a cop out - I intended to stay on PCI until every pilot
was happy to make the move over to IVAO and the transition was complete. As
such I'll try and get the software working again..


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Well, just as you are forced to reinstall PCI software, I am removing
it.  This evening's session convinced me that the lag is totally

I joined Paul at LFLL and, within 10 minutes, I was seeing at least 2
minutes lag in his position - and he and I were the only aircraft at
LFLL.  (And only one other aircraft in the session, but Frec was some
distance away).  I re-joined Paul at LFLU no more than half an hour
later and I was seeing lag of 5 minutes - again with only the two of us

Having seen last night how well IvAp copes with a lot more traffic, I
really don't see any point in sticking with PCI.  I can live without a
second voice channel, and I reckon the "JHB Club" evenings on Wednesdays
could either re-develop on FSHost or along the lines that we enjoyed
last night around EGNS.

Mike L

bones wrote:
> Stupid PCI software. Removing the PCF pilot software has resulted in
> it zapping the DLL's needed for the controller software so I'll have
> to reinstall PCC5..
> bones
> bones@xxxxxxx
> http://fsaviation.net

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