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  • Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 05:21:13 +0100

Just to explain to readers..

After the two hours of not being able to talk on PCI I logged in at EGNS in
IVAO and got two way with Gerry instantly - voice was fine.

Apologies to John as were chatting on TS outside IVAO so I could explain my
PCI problems to him. Trouble is that as I logged into EGNS it cut that
channel off and moved me from JHB_CC to EGNS_APP.


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I'll remove all the PCI stuff from mine, in the morning.

John, I couldn't contact you at EGNS tonight. If you want traffic at
EGDD just shout. Course I'm qiite deaf, so you'll need to email that
you're shouting.

Gerry Winskill

Mike Lucas wrote:

> Well, just as you are forced to reinstall PCI software, I am removing
> it.  This evening's session convinced me that the lag is totally
> unacceptable.
> I joined Paul at LFLL and, within 10 minutes, I was seeing at least 2
> minutes lag in his position - and he and I were the only aircraft at
> LFLL.  (And only one other aircraft in the session, but Frec was some
> distance away).  I re-joined Paul at LFLU no more than half an hour
> later and I was seeing lag of 5 minutes - again with only the two of
> us around.
> Having seen last night how well IvAp copes with a lot more traffic, I
> really don't see any point in sticking with PCI.  I can live without a
> second voice channel, and I reckon the "JHB Club" evenings on
> Wednesdays could either re-develop on FSHost or along the lines that
> we enjoyed last night around EGNS.
> Mike L
> bones wrote:
>> Stupid PCI software. Removing the PCF pilot software has resulted in
>> it zapping the DLL's needed for the controller software so I'll have
>> to reinstall PCC5..
>> bones
>> bones@xxxxxxx
>> http://fsaviation.net

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