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  • From: "bones" <bones@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 15:50:28 +0100

Last night was fun but I suspect I am already being affected by my sessions
on IVAO. It isn't a good idea to use several versions of similar software so
I was dragging IVAO habits into PCI. Apologies to the ATC guys therefore
because I was always using the wrong key to talk to aircraft.

One other thing is that I didn't realise how slow the PCI controller
software is and, for the first time ever, I found it slightly frustrating to
use. IVAC is much faster and you can move around the screen much more

The advantage of PCI is that it has all the ATC data on screen automatically
so you never need to load sector files. This is a two edged sword though
because you cannot update any of this data and you can't add any missing
data either - you have to live with what you've got..

IVAC uses sector files and these provide more flexibility. Once you
understand the SCT file structure you can add data to your heart's content -
and not just official ATC data either. Gliding sites, Gerry's farmstrips,
visual reporting points can all be plonked in if you know the Lat/Long of
the location. It's much more versatile.

I've dropped a couple of emails to IVAO about improving sector file data for
the UK but, sadly, response has been zero.

John - I had a look at holding point data and it's quite easy to add if you
can get the Lat/Long position of the point. The holds at EGNS look like

; Airfield Holding points
A1                        N054.05.07.858 W004.36.53.564 N054.05.06.400
A2                        N054.05.08.603 W004.37.04.778 N054.05.07.076
A3                        N054.05.06.659 W004.37.23.750 N054.05.05.251
A4                        N054.05.04.636 W004.37.39.947 N054.05.03.203

Note that they need adding to the Lower Airway section.
The Lat/Long format is critical and it defines the two ends of the lines
drawn across the taxiway. You could get this data from Google Earth or


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