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I will remain logged in as EGNS_APP too but I may not be permanently manning
the system.

Broaching on a separate subject I note that Frank posted in the forum about
recording of hours. As the new Pilot Club system is only an online server
without any pilot/ATC database the old system of pilot and ATC rankings has
gone. The only options for logging in now with PCC are Observer, Controller
or Supervisor so it suggests no ranking system is in place - which means no
need for recording hours.

If the idea of setting up our own UK Division is feasible then I guess
rankings could be introduced there but it would be very hard to verify any
controllers claims as to hours on duty.


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I've left my aircraft on stand 2 at Ronaldsway if anyone wants to check
visuals.  Will leave it there until about 8:00pm when I may go flying.


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