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I agree that the 200 is rather old now and not that many are left. The
better model to make is the B737-800 as this is the most commonly used
variant around Europe. I'll tackle this tomorrow - the bitmaps look easy
enough and I actually have a set of blanks for it..


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Hi Bones,

If the 737-200 could be replaced with a more current version 737-700, as
I usually fly the PMDG a/c when online, this would be great.  I'm not
sure anyone flies the -200 series in FS?  I'd be more than happy to do
the repaint.



Bones wrote:
> Update on the JHB aircraft.
> The operational fleet now totals 15 aircraft. Stefan gave us the A318
> to A321, AT75, B732, B744, B773. I now have working JHB aircraft for
> the C172, BE58, Falcon 2000, Dash8 300, Fokker 70/100 and Beech 1900.
> Of these the Falcon just needs the engines painting and the Beech 1900
> is still bare textures.
> I was going to upload these tonight but my ISP is playing silly sods
> and I can't send attachments (sorry Paul). I will finish the Falcon
> and Beech 1900 and put the lot up on my web site - probably later
> today.
> Now, some of you may still be finding ATOC aircraft appearing in your
> Flight Plan drop down box. You need to get rid of these but it means
> opening up the aircraft.cfg file for each aircraft. Scroll down to the
> very bottom of the cfg file and you will find an old [Fltsim.x] entry
> for the original ATOC module. Delete this section. Back in FS just
> tell it to Update the Livery List and the ATOC entries should
> disappear. No need to fiddle with the PCFAircraftList.ini file - this
> gets rebuilt automatically.
> bones
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> In that case most of your list is already done. The three exceptions
> are the PA28, A300 and Dash 8. Bad news is that there are no Piper
> light aircraft in the ATOC list - the only other GA aircraft looks
> like the Katana.
> bones
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> Bones -
> My preference list would be for PA28, F100, Dash 8, A300, A310, B737 &
> B744, all of which I fly regularly.  The AI/MP versions don't have to
> be identical to the actual a/c being flown, they only need to provide
> a generic ident.
> MikeB
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>> Using the old ATOC templates I have now knocked up JHB aircraft for
>> the C172, BE58, F70 and F100. These are all now "converted" to PCF
>> titles and air/cfg files.
>> I'm still not sure about the PCFAircraftList.ini file. A typical
>> example is
>> :
>> [PCF A320 JHB]
>> Type=A320
>> TypeEx=321200
>> Description=JHB Airlines
>> Description2=Model by ARNZ AIS-AI\n\nTextures by John Woodside
>> Height=8.6 Pitch=0
>> I think the TypeEx= line is a rough guide for the aircraft type but I
>> only have ideas about the first two numbers. The first is engine type
>> with 3 for jet and 2 for prop. Second number is the number of
>> engines. So the A320 is 321200, the A340 is 341200 and the ATR72 is
>> 221200. I've no idea on the next
>> two and why the F100 is 321300.
>> Height and pitch are probably MP equivalents to static height and
>> pitch in the aircraft.cfg file. I don't think these are fine tuned by
>> PCF and that will explain the slight floating or sinking effect when
>> viewing other aircraft.
>> Timo has converted all my earlier Airbus files to PCF format and I
>> have converted all the rest I can find. That gives me a fleet of the
>> following:
>> A318
>> A319
>> A320
>> A321
>> ATR72 500
>> B737 200
>> B747 400
>> B777 300
>> BEECH 58
>> C172
>> FOKKER 70
>> FOKKER 100
>> It would be nice to expand this list but it is a lot of work and best
>> restricted to a handful of aircraft that everyone regularly flies.
>> Paul rightly said that we should have at least one aircraft in each
>> group but twin jets are rather oversaturated already. Splitting the
>> above into groups
>> gives:
>> Single piston: C172
>> Twin Piston: BE58
>> Multi piston: none
>> Single jet: none
>> Twin jet: Far too many
>> Multi jet: B747
>> Now if we look at the proper (flyable) JHB repaints we have a
>> different list. Missing from the above list are: Falcon 50 Citation
>> Beech 1900
>> B757
>> A300
>> A340
>> Dash 8
>> Most of these already have ATOC designs which could be converted -
>> although the Falcon 50 would have to become a Falcon 2000.
>> Before we embark on a spree of repaints the real question is whether
>> they are all necessary or not. Some would be good to have - the Dash
>> 8 being a perfect example - but what about the A300? The next
>> question is whether there are other aircraft not listed above that
>> pilots regularly fly? I don't
>> mean one pilot here as it would be pointless to design an
>> aircraft that
>> never gets selected in the flight plan box by pilots.
>> I guess the real question is what aircraft would you have liked to
>> select in the flight plan list and not found. Forget the Tiger Moth
>> but I'd like to know if a sensible list can be drawn up.
>> bones
>> bones@xxxxxxx
>> http://fsaviation.net

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