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That should be fine. Just a matter of selecting the nearest match, from the flightplan dropdown.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

No follow me van so far so we may be lucky.

There is a default ATOC Dash 8 100 and 300 so I was thinking of just the 300
for the AI model.


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I'm all for the sensible list. I could live without a busjet but it would be nice to have access to a turboprop and the one I fly is the Q400. That is far from meaning I'm making a case for its inclusion. If the list contained any other variant then I'd be satisfied that any Dash 8 family user would appear in one of that familly, rather than in a defaulted C172. I must put a request re absence of follow me vans, onto the forum.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

Using the old ATOC templates I have now knocked up JHB aircraft for the
C172, BE58, F70 and F100. These are all now "converted" to PCF titles
and air/cfg files.

I'm still not sure about the PCFAircraftList.ini file. A typical
example is

[PCF A320 JHB]
Description=JHB Airlines
Description2=Model by ARNZ AIS-AI\n\nTextures by John Woodside
Height=8.6 Pitch=0

I think the TypeEx= line is a rough guide for the aircraft type but I
only have ideas about the first two numbers. The first is engine type
with 3 for jet and 2 for prop. Second number is the number of engines.
So the A320 is 321200, the A340 is 341200 and the ATR72 is 221200. I've
no idea on the next two and why the F100 is 321300.

Height and pitch are probably MP equivalents to static height and pitch
in the aircraft.cfg file. I don't think these are fine tuned by PCF and
that will explain the slight floating or sinking effect when viewing
other aircraft.

Timo has converted all my earlier Airbus files to PCF format and I have
converted all the rest I can find. That gives me a fleet of the

ATR72 500
B737 200
B747 400
B777 300

It would be nice to expand this list but it is a lot of work and best
restricted to a handful of aircraft that everyone regularly flies. Paul
rightly said that we should have at least one aircraft in each group
but twin jets are rather oversaturated already. Splitting the above
into groups

Single piston: C172
Twin Piston: BE58
Multi piston: none
Single jet: none
Twin jet: Far too many
Multi jet: B747

Now if we look at the proper (flyable) JHB repaints we have a different
list. Missing from the above list are: Falcon 50
Beech 1900
Dash 8

Most of these already have ATOC designs which could be converted -
although the Falcon 50 would have to become a Falcon 2000.

Before we embark on a spree of repaints the real question is whether
they are all necessary or not. Some would be good to have - the Dash 8
being a perfect example - but what about the A300? The next question is
whether there are other aircraft not listed above that pilots regularly
fly? I don't mean one pilot here as it would be pointless to design an
aircraft that never gets selected in the flight plan box by pilots.

I guess the real question is what aircraft would you have liked to
select in the flight plan list and not found. Forget the Tiger Moth but
I'd like to know if a sensible list can be drawn up.


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