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Yes - I had to remove it on Timo's request. Expect the aircraft I've made to
be bundled into Timo's official JHB release. I can't email it to you because
I've not had any luck sending attachments over 1Mb recently - dunno if our
ISP has put some brakes on the limits for such files. If you try the dead
link again before 1200 but edit the URL to PCF_JHB2.zip then something may
appear. The link will only be active for a couple of hours.


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This link is now defunct. Is it possible to send a copy of
PCF-JHB.zip direct under "plain wrapper"


Kev T

At 06:30 9/20/2006, you wrote:
>For now this is finished as I think it unfair to keep adding aircraft
>to the file which everyone is then obliged to download. This is the
>daft thing about AI in a way - the only person who doesn't need the
>aircraft is the one who is selecting it in his PCF flight plan.
>Everyone else needs it otherwise they see the default AI C172.
>Anyway the file is available at
>again. It has all the originals plus the B737-800 and A340-300. I've
>tweaked some of the earlier bitmaps and cfg files too so it's worth
>getting the file again so everyone has the same data.
>The AI A340 isn't too bad to fly (I know you should fly AI models but I
>am always amused to see what they do) but it's almost impossible to
>land because it develops a stupidly high nose up attitude once you get
>below 200kts.
>The original set released by Timo for JHB - the airbus fleet, AT72,
>B732, B744 and B773 - all have slightly duff aircraft.cfg files. It's
>not enough to stop you using them but they appear in the flight plan
>listing in a messy fashion. I've rewritten these and will email them to
>anyone interested in updating their files. The problem is that if Timo
>releases a new aircraft set (as I am sure he will) the installation
>will wipe out any tweaks we make.

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