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  • Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 05:07:04 +0100

It's odd but if the default address comes up automatically in box one you
can leave it alone - despite it being caps. It's only if you try copying and
pasting this into Channel 2 that you find it doesn't like it.

A pity you weren't available this afternoon as I was plugged in for several
hours. I'm sure if you specify a window - and it only needs to be ten
minutes - then someone here will be available to listen in and respond to
you. As you say, the nice thing is that a voice test can be done without
running FS at all. It makes it very useful for other chats between us too -
as long as this doesn't get too out of hand.


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It is so good to be able to access the voice modeule outside FS.  I followed
your instructions to the letter and it
looks OK.  Entering the server in lower case wasn't intuitive, as it came up
by default in CAPs.  There was someone on
Chicago Centre or somesuch the other evening, and I tried to contact him but
failed.  That will be why I guess.

Now I just need a slot to be able to do a live test when someone else is
also on! I can't predict when that will be at
the moment though, so I'll just monitor Servinfo from time to time.


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