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Until you mentione it, the use of the "Name" "Comment" boxes not being how
most of us use them hadn't occurred to me.  Have asked on the PC Forum these
be changed to "Callsign" and "Name" respectively which actually reflects
what has become standard practice among us but would be more obvious to a


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There were several updates to the ServInfo listing over the years and I'd
had JHB included in one of these. If you haven't updated your ServInfo
airline listing then you can grab the JHB update only from one of my web
pages somewhere. I think it is in the JHB Online section - maybe under JHB

The voice module should be fixed shortly for pilots. It now works as it
should with the controller software - voice launches automatically when you
log on. For now pilots will have to note the controller callsigns that come
up in the server listing, open the voice module connection box, type the
callsign e.g. EGNS_APP into the voice module and press connect.

Most of us know how to do this but it would baffle newcomers. The trouble is
that the voice Connection Box was always intended to be automatic and so
there are no labels in it, other than Name and Comment. Just to run through
this again:

Name and Comment. No fixed format for these although I tend to put my
callsign in the Name box and my name in the Comment e.g. JHB007 and Bones
when flying or EGNS_APP and UK ATC when controlling. These details only
appear in the channel or VOX windows for ATC - I presume pilots don't see
anything unless they open the Channel box of PCFVoice.

Under Name and Comment there are four values to enter, two for each channel.
The top line of each (which has the combo box drop down list) should contain
the server address or voice.pilot-club.com. Use lower case or else it won't
be accepted. The box underneath this should contain the ID of the controller
e.g. EGNS_APP. Effectively it is the same as setting up or joining a room in
Roger Wilco. For the second channel most JHB pilots use JHB_OPS for general
chat whilst controllers use UK_ATC for handovers and procedures.

If you have a headset it is worth setting this up so that each channel comes
through one earpiece. Just change the radio buttons from Both to left and

I'll log in now on PCC for testing and keep it running for a couple of


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I'm still trying to find the time to get properly set up for a test.
Whenever I do log on, there's no-one else there. It'll be a week or more yet
before work quietens down to the point where, when i see one of these posts
of yours, I can afford to drop what I'm doing and have a go.  I don't think
I've got the voice module fully sussed yet, although I have managed to log
into Unicom. the 'Connect' button labels don't seem correct at the moment
(they seem to be reversed).

I saw somewhere, once, how you set up your system to display you as
Diamondxxxx (or was it JHBxxx) on Servinfo.  Can you remind me, John?


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