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I had the same problem a while back with a card reader. First it started =
skip data blocks and then it just wouldn't work. I tried a few things =
just gave up on it and stuck it in a drawer. Luckily the more recent =
cameras have quite fast transfer times and I don't really need the card =


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I'm loking for theories; better still, solutions!
I connected my SmartCard reader to a USB port, yesterday, in the way I
always do. On=20
opening the I drive, where the reader is to be found, I got a message =
the card=20
needed reformatting. Clearly it doesn't, since the camera can display =
on it. I put=20
in all of my cards, with the same response. Since one only contained a
couple of old=20
shots, I opted for a reformat. Back came the message that it couldn't do =
When I went to the XP icon for "safely remove equipment", again my =
practice, it=20
said it couldn't be removed. To eliminate a cable problem I connected =
driver directly=20
to the normal USB Hub slot. No better. I connected it to one of the mobo
slots. Same=20
reaction. I got my son to connect it to his machine. No problem, he =
view the shots=20
on his PC. Next I trie to access the card via the Camedia software's =
to load from=20
an external source. Same proble.

Any ideas greatfully received.

Gerry Winskill

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