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Open the Device Manager and go down to the USB Controllers tab. Expand =
and you should have a list for Generic USB hubs and USB Root Hubs.

Right click on the Root Hub(s) and select Properties. Open the Power tab =
it should say at the top what the power output per port is for the =
For my current hubs I've got 500mA per port whereas the earlier 4 port
Belkin hub only had something like 750mA total across the 4 ports. You
should also see a list of attached devices and the power required for =

Open up your Generic USB Hub and you should see a similar list. In the =
tab here it should tell you if the hub is powered or not, total power
available per port and a list of the devices plugged in (and their =
Most of mine seem to be 32mA, some 50mA and a couple (GF-MCP and GF-45) =
100mA. The device listing may be a bit vague with "HID Compliant Device"
being shown but you can double click each to get the name of the actual

The biggest drain for me is the ADSL modem - it draws a full 500mA and =
was not happy plugged into a USB hub. It is plugged directly into the
computer leaving the other USB socket for the first 7 port hub and the
second 7 port hub is daisy chained to it. The bad news is that some =
devices also baulk at being plugged into hubs (the USB Bluetooth dongle =
one) and I'll have to wait until I get the new mobo installed before I =
use this.

My last headache with the existing mobo is that it isn't USB2. I got =
out there as I thought it was hi speed USB capable but it turns out not =
be so. I only found out when I plugged the Belkin hubs in and they said =
they were switching to USB1 to be compatible with the output from the
computer. I look forward to full USB2 capability after the rebuild.


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In the USB utilisation stakes, it's a case of "get your knees brown"! My
machine has 2 USB1 and 4 USB2 ports. All in use, via three powered Hubs, =
port and two 7 ports, connecting Wireless receiver, CH Yoke, CH Pedals =
and 9
units. Sadly, disconnecting a few of these has no effect on the non =
 I've noticed some of the GF kit seems to be sensitive to competition. I
have to keep an=20
eye on the readouts, since the Alt setting sometimes resets itself to a
higher value, in=20

Gerry Winskill


On 22 Dec 2004 at 1:59, Peter Dodds wrote:

> Mike,
> Thanks for that - in that case my mobo has 8 USB ports - four as built =

> and a 4 port card I added.  All in heavy use, plus a 4 port hub=20
> hanging off one of them.  It's them Go-flight units.
> Peter

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