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errr... Which Mag?
Though from the JustFlight references I'd say PC Pilot.

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Afternoon all! 

Just received the latest edition of this mag through the post and have one
thing to say: 

Is it just me or has it seriously gone downhill in the past few editions? 

It seems to be a constant advertisement for MS and JustFlight, Oleg normally
makes it in every edition (yes he's done it again, although he is a genuine
simmer so he gets exception) 
Nobody else ever gets a look in! Back in the first year or two of publishing
it used to be a real enthusiasts publication, with the latest release news
from the small guys as well as the big money grabbers. 

I'm very disappointed as I used to love reading through and seeing what
everyone was up to. Now I might as well check FSinsider and justflight.com
every 6 weeks! 


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