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Does anyone know what's wrong with John?

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

I guess everyone sees things in a different light and my opinion is that the loss of ATC coverage starts the ball rolling and pilot attendance drops as a result of this. UK ATC is only effective with at least three controllers online and ideally four - one for Centre and three for airfields. If we don't provide a three point event then it's boring for the pilots and so the count goes down. The loss of John has been a severe blow as he was a constant presence on all our sessions - an anchor for our toehold in providing good ATC. With numbers decaying the sessions collapse rather rapidly. There is a second problem in that Pilot Club are not overly enthusiastic about ATC. Controllers don't get any points for being online but, without them, the server is just a vast multiplayer session. I think this a great pity.. bones

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The number of flyers on a Wednesday, has dwindled to a point where
    it is not viable to provide ATC cover.
I had struggled for a while with Bones and John, until John bowed
    out with medical problems, and Bones has a lot of irons in the
    fire, so I have basically given up for now.
The new kid on the block, FSX has taken up a lot of time, and
    frankly, until it can run on PilotClub, it is in my opinon holding
    PilotClub back. It will run on an FSHost server however.
If you want to set up a session for Wednesday, I would be happy to
    join you in any ATC position, or if you have enough, make up the
    numbers in the air.
PilotClub are signing up members every week, but you do not see
    them, just the same people show up in Servinfo, when they do.
Sorry to sound morbid, but it could also do with the current time
    of the year, which is grabbing everyone attention.
Frank F

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John Hill pointed me in the write direction yesterday. I had
        completely forgot to change the VID from the old fpi number to
        the new pilot club number. I'm now up and running so all being
        well I might get a chance to provide some ATC this Wednesday
Do you still co-ordinate on UK_ATC? Cheers Dave N

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