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The problem with night lighting is that it assumes every road is lit at
night and so the ground can become too cluttered with light. It's no problem
in towns but out in the country where lighting is quite restricted it looks
a bit overkill.

With the autogen work for the UK Shep introduced night lighting as part of
the VFR Add-ons project. The nice thing about this was the ability to define
just those roads that are lit in real life. A quick test of the IoM showed
great promise.

The light data is embedded in the AGN files using Annnotator or AgenT. Some
of you may already have such night lighting on your system if you have
grabbed any Autogen files from VFRAdd-Ons. It won't show though because the
trigger is the UK specific commands buried in the default.XML file in the
Autogen folder.
Having said that anyone who installed the Isle of Wight demo will have got
the upgraded default.XML file and (assuming it had the night sections
included) you should now see night autogen for other parts of the UK where
this has been designed. That is assuming you have the appropriate AGN files.
I can't remember whether I had added the night lighting to my uploaded IoM
files. In truth it wasn't complete as I only covered the south of the island
and some roads in Douglas. I was going to carry on with the work but my
source data dried up - a guy at the DoT who had actual maps of the island
street lighting.

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With theGenx Vol 3 patch out I'm waiting for the emergence of their
promised night textures.
Which disturbed my lethargic grey cells. Presumably the lights will
follow the VFR compatible roads, etc. But in the dark we've no idea
whether the scenery over which we fly is compatible or not. In FS9 it's
just too easy to switch off the VFR GM, particularly when in AIO form. I
just copied my existing Scenery.cfg file into a storage folder called
Night. Just one change of entry, from True to False and night time
scenery should be in place. Just moved the existing file into a folder
called DAY and used the night one instead.

I took off from Ronaldsway, for a dusk tour of the Island. Brilliant.
I've never looked at the Default version of the Island, well not since
about FS98. In FS9 the roads are acceptably located. Perhaps a bit too
much traffic on them but the Mountain Road drops down into Ramsey in
reasonable shape and I can see Lezayre Road leaving the twinkling town
lights. If I ignore the odd house lights in uninhabited areas it's quite
bearable and a pleasant change.

 Bearing in mind the bit about all cats in the dark, etc, then I'm not
sure I need to switch to FSX for any night flying....

Gerry Winskill

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