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Skype is available for Mac OSX.

Since OSX is essentially Unix, and still very much a minority OS compared with various flavours of Windo$e, there are virtually no viruses targetted at it.

Mike L

Bones wrote:
Does Skype run on Macs?


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I know virtually nothing about Macs, so couldn't dispute what my daughter was telling me, in an expensive call to Madrid. To avoid horrendous bills I suggested she download RW and I'd tell her how to contact her mother using the no cost route. As is the way with the non Luddite generation, she located the download site, whilst I was talking. At which point she said it was no use since it wasn't for Mac; though there's apparently a Beta Mac version with a warning about its use.

I hadn't really thought about operating systems. None of the progs I
download seem to offer alternate versions?

Another surprise came when, since she's using a Telefonica wireless setup at
home, I asked what firewall she is using. She said their IT chap had said
they aren't required on Mac machines, since it can't be attacked by viruses.
Seems a bit idealistic but what do I know!

Gerry Winskill

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