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Then there's the real killer, that no-one tells you before you buy one. They don't know when they've worn out their welcome. I bought my first daughter one when she was about thirteen. She's now 39 and it's still eating tenners! The horse is 36. The really bad news is that we hear that they can live much longer, when they've been looked after properly; or "improperly" as I prefer to regard it.

Gerry Winskill

bones wrote:

Bloody mindless animals most of the time and then they switch to bastard
mode and become absolutely nasty or vindictive.

I don't know how a horse in a canter can move two feet laterally in an
instant but one I used to ride had perfected this trick. You would be
happily chugging along and next minute you would be sitting midair with the
horse off to the left alongside you. I'd swear that it was grinning too.

My little pony? Bollards.  <vbg>


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There doesn't need to be, the horse knows how to get you off without one!


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I've been out all day taking my daughter (6) pony riding followed by a pub
lunch.  It's only her 3rd lesson spread over some months and she's trotting
without anyone holding the horses head already!  I ended up at my son's
football "funweek".  His team won its group. (Proud Dad mode on at the

I don't like horses - there's no "off" switch!

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