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But is thre not a compromise position where the basic model of each type is
active with any repaint downloaded but stored outside the FS structure then,
as you approach the trigger distance, the additional textures copied to the
Aircraft directory and becoming active.  This could even be refined so that
the less common types are not copied to become active until required.

The pre-download would allieviate the bandwidth issue.


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I don't think this would work Peter.

Sending full aircraft downloads defeats the intention of IVAO to keep
datastreams as small as possible.

If you use a library system only an aircraft title needs sending in the
datastream. That's a 10 digit code whereas most library aircraft folders
hold just over 1Mb or model and textures files.

If you flew into an airport with a lot of activity your system might find it
has to load a bunch of aircraft files at it hits the nominated trigger
distance. I don't think it could download and install six or seven aircraft
without some lag being generated.

Library files on your PC are much faster and that is why all three systems
went for this idea. PCI banged a huge amount on FS and IVAO does too. VATSIM
is slightly different because it hides all the aircraft in a single VUK
folder - there are still a lot of aircraft in this. The difference is that
VATSIM uses absolutely minimal file sets with the MDL file being only 150k
and a single 171K texture (512 x 512) for all aircraft. These Ai aircraft
must look very basic.


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For Pilots, there's all the PCI AI aircraft to remove as well.  You may find
FS loading times increase remarkably once they are removed - I did.

Having installed the MTL library default aircraft only, not the full list, I
have just counted 198 of them in my FS Aircraft Folder.  To me that is
ridiculous and I will be reducing the list to about 10 before much longer.
What would be better, if it could be done, would be for all the aircraft to
be kept on an international server and only downloaded to a client PC when
that aircraft becomes, say within 10 miles, and is then deleted on
closedown. Unlike scenery (I think), you can install aircraft in FS while
the sim is running and change parameters - I do it when building panels etc.


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> Gerry
> I have both the ATC and Pilot PCI software installed.
> There is an uninstall in the add/remove panel for each.
> But. the PCF2004.DLL, gets left behind in the FS9/Modules folder, this
> needs to be removed, manually
> Myself, I just removed the PCF2004.DLL, leaving everything else as is.
> The whole PCI software will be removed, when the time comes.
> Nb, if at any time you installed FSInn, you will also find the
> Copilot.DLL in there.
> FF

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