[jhb_airlines] Re: Online flight/IVAO/Stuff

  • From: "Peter Dodds" <pdodds@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2007 13:28 +0100 (BST)

I bookmarked this message for comment ages ago, but it escaped along with
so many other things...<sigh>

> How has everyone else got on with IVAO? for those of you that tried 
> it
> that is. 
> In answer to Alan's question about VATSIM. I did give it a go 
> before I
> left and I'm afraid that it just didn't do anything for me, the GA 
> ops
> was good for the time I was flying around, however was made to feel 
> a bit of a nuisance when requesting airspace transits, a bit too 
> much
> like real life for it to be hobby like.
I have always found the controllers welcome me because I give them
something to do.  I am traffic.
> Also it just felt more of a competition to be better than everyone
> else, pilots and controllers alike. Far too much snobbery, it just
> didn't feel like an organisation where one could feel at home.
I just don't recognise this. I reckon the BTB in Vatsim would be
mortified to feel that you feel that way.  There is only one
objectionable bossy ATCO in VATSIM UK that i know of, and we GA types
just don't fly in his patch.  His loss, not ours.

> The software isn't as slick as IVAO's,

> the web systems don't seem to be advanced.
Perhaps, but you can find what you want easier than on IVAO

> I'm sure its an excellent network for those who want to plug
> in, fly by the book, log out and do their flight reports at their
> little desks. However I want to be part of a community.
Like Clifton Flyers, Virtual BBMF, Cix VFR you mean <g>
> As with Bones I joined way back when it was SATCO, down in the dark
> days when one could see names like Miguel Blaufuks, Mungo 
> Amyatt-Leir
> and Nels Anderson flying round. In fact I was one of the first UK
> Division staff members, I remember the long nights of sitting as 
> EGTT CTR and having only one aircraft come in and out of Heathrow, FS
> awareness of SID's and STARS back then was almost non existent and
> their introduction as things got more busy caused many problems.
> It was at the introduction of membership entry exams that I left,
> something I protested most strongly, and loudly, about. I'm glad to 
> see those have gone now. 
I suspect your memories are your burden, Alex, in the same way that I
shake my head in disbelief at the time and money wasted in modern
businesses sending emails, staring at documents on PCs most of which (in
Engineering at any rate) are generated as a result of the Health & Safety
at Work Act which is a bucket for all excuses and incompetance.  You need
a method statement, a risk assessment, a safe system of work, a detailed
drawing and 10 meetings just to knock a nail in!!!  New employees just
don't see this - this is the norm for them. 
> I will give VATSIM further tries over the week, however for the 
> moment IVAO is certainly at the top of the pile for me - things could 
> change of course! 

I think we (JHB) are committed to IVAO now - Bones has only today burnt
his PCI bridges! <g>


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