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Yep - typo on my part..

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Bones, it is the former that is evolving not the latter.  .aero is the
developing one.

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Just a thought Gerry but have you grabbed the software from IVAO.aero or
IVAO.org? It is the latter that is the evolving network after IVAO.org
foundered. It's confusing in that IVAO.org has restarted but I don't think
it is that busy yet. IVAO.aero use TeamSpeak so the manual is out of date.

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When I ran the installer for the pilot client there were two option tick
boxes, one for FS9 and one for FSX, I simply ticked the FSX option and that
was it, the software ended up in the Add on menu within FSX. 

Don't recall having to do anything else. 

I do, however, think it requires the latest free version of FSUIPC, could
that be it? 


Gerry Winskill wrote: 

Hi Alex, 
Welcome back to the asylum. 

I've donloaded the software but not yet managed to connect. I'm trying to
use with FSX but the Manual doesn't mention either FSX or Teamspeak, just
the obsolete RW. 
I'm hoping to find an idiot's guide to connecting, to give it a try. 

Gerry Winskill 

Alex Barrett wrote: 

Hello All! 

Well its been a long week away from home sunning myself on the Spanish
Costa's, even took a daytrip to Gibraltar, which I always love, Can't beat
walking across an active runway, then the barriers coming down and watching
a A320 hurtle past you from 100 feet away - even more fun when your camera
batteries ran out 3 minutes previously (girlfriend gets 70 pictures of the
Barbary Apes, Alex gets none of Aircraft - typical!) 

Anyway, I come back to plenty of emails from you lot, and what is more
surprising, several emails from IVAO UK members passing on useful
information and other nuggets which I've missed out on, despite me being an
active member for only 2 days before I left. Which I thought was brilliant. 

How has everyone else got on with IVAO? for those of you that tried it that

In answer to Alan's question about VATSIM. I did give it a go before I left
and I'm afraid that it just didn't do anything for me, the GA ops was good
for the time I was flying around, however was made to feel a  bit of a
nuisance when requesting airspace transits, a bit too much like real life
for it to be hobby like. 

Also it just felt more of a competition to be better than everyone else,
pilots and controllers alike. Far too much snobbery, it just didn't feel
like an organisation where one could feel at home. The software isn't as
slick as IVAO's, the web systems don't seem to be advanced. I'm sure its an
excellent network for those who want to plug in, fly by the book, log out
and do their flight reports at their little desks. However I want to be part
of a community. 

As with Bones I joined way back when it was SATCO, down in the dark days
when one could see names like Miguel Blaufuks, Mungo Amyatt-Leir and Nels
Anderson flying round. In fact I was one of the first UK Division staff
members, I remember the long nights of sitting as EGTT CTR and having only
one aircraft come in and out of Heathrow, FS awareness of SID's and STARS
back then was almost non existent and their introduction as things got more
busy caused many problems. 

It was at the introduction of membership entry exams that I left, something
I protested most strongly, and loudly, about. I'm glad to see those have
gone now. 

I will give VATSIM further tries over the week, however for the moment IVAO
is certainly at the top of the pile for me - things could change of course! 


Alex Barrett 
Turbine Sound Studios 
(+44) 0121 288 3195 

Alex Barrett
Turbine Sound Studios
(+44) 0121 288 3195

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