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I had a look at the new IVAO.aero pages and I'm surprised that the UK sector
files are still the ones I made for them years ago! Basically they are still
the original Pro Controller software format.
I also note that they still use the FSD server software which we used for
our early JHB sessions. Unfortunately the copy I have is not compatible with
current IVAO software and they will not release the current server version
either - although they will release a version that works over a LAN. Bad
news is that this will not work for internet connections.
Once I've dug out my old IVAO ID I will take a look at their new controller

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Its certainly been an interesting day. With the impending demise of Pilot
Club, I have been, as you know, looking at viable alternatives. 

This morning myself and Andy Berry decided to give IVAO a go, after all the
hype with their FS9/FSX compatibility.  I have to say that after dealing
with the FPI/Pilot Club software for a few years (what is it.... 5 years
now?!) It was a total revelation. 

Signed up, software installed and working all within 5 minutes, didn't have
to touch my router/firewall or anything. The only bit which looked a little
daunting for a newbie at first was the flightplan interface... but little
tooltips and help buttons explain everything more than sufficiently. 

The software even installed itself for both my FSX and FS9 installation at
the same time! 

The UK ATC seems to consist of 3 or so main players logging in at EGLL, EGKK
and EGCC and providing ATC to the surrounding area's as workload permits. 
The actual dialogue and procedural part is no different to how IFR flights
were conducted on Pilot Club or FPI. I don't think anyone comfortable on
Pilot Club would have any issues transitioning. The ATC I have spoken to
have all been incredibly friendly and any questions I had were answered with
the utmost patience. 

The only problem could possibly be from those at the controller end, who
might be less experienced. The IVAO controllers seem to exercise a lot of
discretion and common sense. At an airfield earlier I was connected, one
pilot was inbound, due in the next 10 minutes, he was given a direct
straight in approach with vectors. Then 3 aircraft came inbound within the
next half hour, from different directions and instantly the controller
changes seamlessly to STAR approaches,  half an hour later, only one inbound
and back to straight in approaches. The traffic was perfectly separated,
minimum fuss and hassle for everyone involved. 

The temptation to stick to one procedure, the one you know best, despite the
circumstances is all too tempting sometimes and this is why I was most
impressed earlier. 

Another example is I was trying to do a tour earlier, I picked the one I
wanted to do, scheduled it in their booking system and got my flightplan
ready, then clicked for the briefing document, came to a dead link. A quick
post on the forum and within 10 minutes 3 people had the correct document in
my inbox, within half an hour the link was fixed on the website and an
apology for the inconvenience posted. 

I shall stop waffling on now, however I would just like to make the
observation that, for the mixed bag we have in JHB in terms of OS/FS and
abilities, I think that IVAO.aero is a real, and very viable alternative. 

and now I'm off to try VATSIM! 


Alex Barrett
Turbine Sound Studios
(+44) 0121 288 3195

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