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The can of air is a good idea. Never use a Hoover on the inside of a PC -
the static charge from the nozzle is enough to kill a mobo..


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With regard to the old PC, I'm sure you jinxed me, over the last couple of
days my second PC started playing up in the same way!

I've just had it stripped down and a thorough clean through inside was
needed.  The cooling fans had gathered quite a bit of dirt obviously
impacting on cooling.  I keep an old shaving brush in my PC maintenance
toolbox for cleaning such things.  A small can of compressed air (available
in any good PC supply shop) also comes in handy.

If you're looking to do the same, don't forget to clean any cooling fans on
the graphics card too, they're easy to overlook.

It's now back together and up and running and, so far, as quiet as a lamb
and no errors.


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It sounds exactly like the one I've replaced!
To make room in the cupboard for it, I've had to evict its predecessor, 
to the bin.

Gerry Winskill

Peter Dodds wrote:
> Power supplies cost 40 quid, memory cards about the same, fans about 8
> quid. It starts to add up to "Bin it and buy a working second hand one
> from Ebay for 75 quid" If you want a standby.
> Alternatively, if you want to stand the freight (about �£20.00) or
> collection from Chester or Liverpool Airport by someone coming over, I
> will have a fully working spare machine going begging very soon. It has 2
> x 80Gb HDs 2Gb Ram a GEForce 7600 graphics card,  Windows XP and
> LinuxPCOS installed. It will run FS, but tends to overheat, so i normally
> run FS with the back off. It is my experimental machine, but I no longer
> have space for it. It could be yours for nowt - and you know what
> Yorkshiremen say about nowt!
> Peter

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