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I'd agree that the VHS recorder is living on borrowed time and I'd not be
sorry to see it go. We only have a handful of VHS tapes now and only a
couple worth burning. OTOH I do use it a lot for recording weekly programs
that I want to watch later in the week..

Obviously a DVD recorder would fit this bill nicely - with an 80Gb hard
drive it could store around 150 hours of TV. Two problems though - I've not
had the other DVD player all that long so SWMBO might think it a bit soon to
replace it and I haven't budgeted for such a purchase. Will have to think
about it though..


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I was toying with the idea as well, as I have a stack of VHS tapes, just
waiting to be archived.

Obviously there are 2 roads to go down:- The PC capture/edit/render etc.
etc. then burn to DVD.

The second is to buy a stand-alone DVD recorder (preferably one with
hard drive built in).

At the moment I am leaning towards the latter option.

An advantage of the recorder version is that you can use it as a regular
player as well as a recorder (obviously), and consign the VHS recorder
to the bin.

One recorder that springs to mind is the Pioneer DVR 433H (around £250
if you shop around). An advantage of this recorder is that it will burn
Dual Layer DVD's, should the cost of blanks decrease.

So, at the moment I am saving up my pennies for the Pioneer, and it will
probably become a winter project. It could be a bit cheaper in a couple
of months time. <G>


Bones wrote:
> Has anyone had VHS tapes converted to DVD?
> I've got a couple I'd like preserving but that's not enough to justify
> buying a 300 quid recorder. I will probably hunt around to see who
> offers these services but I'd like to know if anyone has an idea of
> the more reputable firms..
> bones
> HC@xxxxxxxxxx
> http://fsaviation.net

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