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Depends on the size of the old opening, I guess. The existing aperture here is 56.5 cm high. What we may do, if forced to go that path, is get it extended upwards.

What heights are your stove and fireplace aperture? Did you have to fit a plate across the existing flue?

Our son has a double fronted stove but you can almost stand up inside the fireplace!

Gerry Winskill

tom smith wrote:
my solid fuel burner fitted in to the old fire opening its good but wasn't cheap
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In our living room we have a gas fire, featuring artificial coal. SWMBO lights it up only on windy winter days, to stop the cold gale that comes down the chimney. As an expensive draught excluder it's up there with the best of them. The surround is brass, to which SWMBO is illogically attached. Our need to stay warm is adequately catered for by the central heating.

We, not I, have been looking at a variety of solutions.

A solid fuel stove could be relatively cheap to run, though very expensive to purchase. We can't, anyway, get one that will slide into the existing surround. So that's a non starter.

An electric fire would be much better, since I could just block the existing chimney vents and eliminate the draught. We could use the living fire effect fairly cheaply. BUT, they aren't compatible with this damned surround.

I could easily convert the gas fire to open hearth coal fire BUT we'd still have the draughts.

Which brings me to the ideal solution. Get the gas disconnected and just have a living fire effect where the imitation coal sits. I could block off the chimney vents and eliminate the draughts. It wouldn't need to be a source of heat. A clear winner! BUT, I can't locate a purveyor of living flame effect that could be used in such a DIY solution. Surely I can't be the first to wish to do this but I've failed miserably to locate a source.

Any ideas out there, please?

Gerry Winskill

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