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Although they are entitled to protect their copyright, the installation of
software without the express permission of the user is dubious to say the
least.  That this software then corrupts other legitimate programmes is
beyond the pale.  All the time the music industry guages success on unit
sales (as opposed to artist popularity, an entirely different matter) they
will fall over themselves o squeeze every dollar from the market.

I cannot understand why, for example, it still costs the best part of 20
quid to buy a Beatles album.  They cannot argue they are putting the revenue
back into artist development (their usual response), The Beatles haven't
been around for 25 years now.

Additionally, why should I be crippled for copying a CD I legitimately own
for use in the car?  If I use the original it is a magnet for thieves,
copies get left.  I know, my car has been raided three times so far this
year.  Before you ask, yes, I live on a large council estate here in Hull.

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Those of you who listen to music CDs on your PC might like to read this
link about a security alert concerning Sony copy-protected music CDs
which install a non-removable rootkit

Mike L

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