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The brown stuff seems to have hit the prop though - Sony are removing this
software. See http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/4430608.stm

Now that this rootkit has opened a part of Windows to hacking and a virus
has already been detected that makes use of this vulnerability I suspect
Sony are in deep trouble. I know there are lawsuits already under way from
disgruntled users but I bet Microsoft aren't too pleased either.


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Having had time to read through Mark Russinovich, the DRM software
re-directs service calls to it's own software.  In order to do this it
needed to include pointers to the software within the registry.

I'm always suspicious of any software that writes to the registry without my
knowing and therefore have Mike Lin's Startup Monitor and Control Panel
installed on all of my machines.  Should a programme attempt to change the
registry, startup monitor will warn you and ask if it's ok.  Answer yes and
it'll allow the change, answer no and the re-write will be dumped.  Useful
for protecting against all sorts of intrusions.

Mike Lin's website is at www.mlin.net


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