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Looking at the new factored figures I am also overweight - and have been
since school days. The charts suggest I should be a mere 11 stone to qualify
for the normal category and being a stone heavier puts me at the top end of
the overweight band, nudging towards obesity. I think it's a big pile of
male cow droppings.

My conspiracy theory is that these stupid figures are a deliberate attempt
by the powers that be to frighten us all into thinking we are going to
implode at 40 through gluttony and will all cut down our food intake. If we
all live on carrots in the future food imports will drop, health will
improve, the NHS won't be under pressure. The dear old HMG will be happy,
the population will be fitter and everyone will be bloody miserable.

Unfortunately its not weight or overeating that has forced a frugal diet
upon me recently but a high cholesterol count. It's a genetic problem but
the good old Doc suggested that a simpler diet would also help get it down
in addition to the inevitable pills. So, gone are red meat, dairy produce,
shellfish and the like with life revolving around chicken and vegetables.
It's worked though  - in three months the count dropped from 6.9 to 3.2.

One result of this is the hunt through the products at the supermarket to
check fat content - which drives SWMBO mad. My view is that if she insists I
go with her I may as well have some fun. Anything around 7g/100 is OK but I
like to find the worst offenders  - pies that are 35g/100 and up there with
crisps and chocolate. A healthy eating cereal bar was the champion for a
while at 42g/100 but yesterday I found the current high roller in a bag of
nuts at 57g/100.

Do I miss anything? Not really, but one exception are the Cornish pasties we
used to get flown in from St Mawgan direct (and still warm) from Morris
Pasties in Newquay. They weren't just pasties - they were an art form.. <g>


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The New Hitler Squad, as I have named them through getting to know them
better having spent almost no time in their care previously, have dained to
let me out for the week-end.  Their "tests" to date have led to a conclusion
that my ill health is related to the fact I'm diabetic.  OK so it doesn't
help that I live in the obesity capital of the UK and happen to be
clinically obese (all of 2 lb's off of being merely overweight).

It looks as though I now have to go to the out-patients clinic every day for
the next millenia (well, two weeks actually) for further "monitoring". I've
told them if they want I'll print them photographs so they can see me
whenever their hearts desire but they say only a personal appearance is good

Seriously though, I'm still not 100% and they only allowed me home if I
promise to maintain blood sugar checks every eight hours and follow a strict
dietary plan.  Not quiet bugs bunny mode but it feels like it.  I'm gonna
have to find a tasty way of healthy eating...


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