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A nice little treasure.

What's the detail like on it?


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Your reference to a place you can't spell has jogged my memory. I've now
through the bits on my shelves asnd found it; a map, on a piece of silk,
given to aircrew,=20
in case they needed to find their way acros the P...whatever, to get to
neutral Spain. Any=20
idea that it has great sentimental value, having come down to me from a
relative who=20
flew in Bomber Command, would be slightly wide of the mark. I think =
bought it, from the local Mart, before nostalgia gave such items any =
Just thought I'd add to the vast store of useless information, to which =
list is the=20

Gerry Winskill

On 11 Dec 2004 at 20:32, Bones wrote:

> I thought you would have got this out of your system after the trek =
> across the Pyrenn.. the Piren... them hills between Spain and France.. =

> <vbg>
> bones
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> Marathon
> Hi,
> Please forgive me for writing off-topic but I=3D92m on the lookout for =
> some sponsorship.
> I am fortunate enough to have been offered a place in the Flora London =

> Marathon on Sunday 17th April 2005 and will be running to raise money=20
> =3D for The Anthony Nolan Trust, who help patients suffering from=20
> diseases which =3D can only be helped by a bone marrow transplant.  =
> more information on the trust you can browse to=20
> http://www.anthonynolan.org.uk
> I=3D92m already into the training and will be plodding the streets=20
> through =3D the winter months in preparation for the 26.2 miles in=20
> April!
> If you would like to sponsor me I have set up a sponsorship page at=20
> http://www.justgiving.com/philreynolds where you can make a secure=20
> donation/pledge using your credit/debit card.  Also, if you are a UK=20
> taxpayer an extra 28% of your donation can be collected through=20
> GiftAid =3D (see the info on the website about this option).
> Thanks for taking the time to read this email and considering=20
> sponsoring =3D me.
> Best regards
> Phil Reynolds
> JHB037

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