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Does Element's have an online tutorial?  The evrsion of Photoshop I have
(v.5.0) does, it's accesed from the Help menu.  If it's not there, look in
the photoelements directory/disk to see if there's a pdf tutorial there


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I'm still looking for an idiots guide to Photoshop Elements


Ah Elements, I am currently on V5.0, and dispite the years I have been using

it, I still only use it for crops, conversions, lighting and contrast,
clones and redeye removal. Even then using only the minimum touches.As far
as sponge and burn, very judicious use.

My mains tools are levels and cloning.

I can just about cut and paste from one photo to another, or remove an
offending portion.

My Grandson is not co-operative re photos, so it is a case of shoot and PS.
My Granddaughter loves the camera, and will happily pose anytime (typical

Had a go at using the freeware Gimp, but was not able to get to grips with
it, intuitive it is not. Especially ather using PS.

There is an Idiots guide to using PS, but very basic, for in depth,
magazines articles, but that is an addictive expense.


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