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If you go to the Photoshop Elements site there's an update that provides for downloading D80 Camera Raw. I use it. I mainly use PE's Quick Fix page, which is very good for improving shots. Sadly the Burn tool, for improving overexposed skies, isn't on of the Quick Fix's features.

Gerry Winskill

bones wrote:

Interesting article so thanks for the pointer.

I don't use RAW on the Nikon. I would - but Nikon's RAW format is tied to
their software and you are stuffed if you want to use your normal editing
tools. All I can do with RAW images is look at them on the PC and I have to
buy software to edit the images - which I rightly object to since I have
about six regular editing programs already on the PC.


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As a user of Webshots for my desktop, I received a newsletter discussing the
issue of RAW Vs JPEG formats.  Reading this through pointed to article
comparing the two modes.  Knowing we've some digital camera buffs here, I
thought I'd pass on that link.


The original article is pretty bland but concludes:

Shoot in RAW If.

     * Your primary concern is ultimate quality.
     * You aren't concerned with storing large files on your memory card or
     * You have a lot of time and editing experience to make changes to the
     * You generally take a few images at a time.

Shoot in JPEG If.

     * You want to use less memory-card and storage space.
     * You don't want to spend a lot of time editing the images.
     * You often take hundreds of high-resolution images a day.


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