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Interesting article so thanks for the pointer.

I don't use RAW on the Nikon. I would - but Nikon's RAW format is tied to
their software and you are stuffed if you want to use your normal editing
tools. All I can do with RAW images is look at them on the PC and I have to
buy software to edit the images - which I rightly object to since I have
about six regular editing programs already on the PC.


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As a user of Webshots for my desktop, I received a newsletter discussing the
issue of RAW Vs JPEG formats.  Reading this through pointed to article
comparing the two modes.  Knowing we've some digital camera buffs here, I
thought I'd pass on that link.


The original article is pretty bland but concludes:

Shoot in RAW If.

      * Your primary concern is ultimate quality.
      * You aren't concerned with storing large files on your memory card or
      * You have a lot of time and editing experience to make changes to the
      * You generally take a few images at a time.

Shoot in JPEG If.

      * You want to use less memory-card and storage space.
      * You don't want to spend a lot of time editing the images.
      * You often take hundreds of high-resolution images a day.


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