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  • Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 18:50:01 +0100

In view of my low level of confidence, of remembering how Rory's system works, that's welcome news.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

Wednesday may be your last day without FPI. I can't say more right now but
it looks like you are all earmarked for the beta testing of the new system.


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Forgot to say, I'm hoping to be there by 2000 local.

Gerry Winskill

Gerry Winskill wrote:

If I can coax this machine into continuing to run and if no-one
arrives after SWMBO has left for her first choir practice, I'll try to
log onto Rory's server this evening. I'll be aiming to fly into
Rosemarket farm strip 6 miles South of Haverfordwest, in Pembs.

If anyone is tempted to try to join in, I'll look forward to seeing
how you appear, on my TripleHead setup.

Since, like Bones, I found TeamSpeak to have odd effects on my system,
I'll use Chatscreen, though I've tried to set up RW on
It's been so long since I used the Shetland Flyer, and RW, that anyone
tepted to join may well find himself in a vacuum.

Just in case, Rosemarket is at N51 44 67  W04 58 02. Active rwy is 26
and there is a gradual upslope West to East.

The scenery is interesting, with three refineries and Shep's jetties
and great Autogen trees. For anyone who's installed them, that is.

If anyone turns up and I'm not there, my ploy of closing the curtains
and switching off the bell, after SWMBO leaves, will have failed

For anyone navigationally challenged, it has an NDB on 884.6. Beware,
Capeston Farm is but 5 miles to the West.

Hoping to be there and if anyone else arrives I'll be pleasantly

Gerry Winskill

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