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Wednesday may be your last day without FPI. I can't say more right now but
it looks like you are all earmarked for the beta testing of the new system.


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Forgot to say, I'm hoping to be there by 2000 local.

Gerry Winskill

Gerry Winskill wrote:

> If I can coax this machine into continuing to run and if no-one
> arrives after SWMBO has left for her first choir practice, I'll try to
> log onto Rory's server this evening. I'll be aiming to fly into
> Rosemarket farm strip 6 miles South of Haverfordwest, in Pembs.
> If anyone is tempted to try to join in, I'll look forward to seeing
> how you appear, on my TripleHead setup.
> Since, like Bones, I found TeamSpeak to have odd effects on my system,
> I'll use Chatscreen, though I've tried to set up RW on
> It's been so long since I used the Shetland Flyer, and RW, that anyone
> tepted to join may well find himself in a vacuum.
> Just in case, Rosemarket is at N51 44 67  W04 58 02. Active rwy is 26
> and there is a gradual upslope West to East.
> The scenery is interesting, with three refineries and Shep's jetties
> and great Autogen trees. For anyone who's installed them, that is.
> If anyone turns up and I'm not there, my ploy of closing the curtains
> and switching off the bell, after SWMBO leaves, will have failed
> For anyone navigationally challenged, it has an NDB on 884.6. Beware,
> Capeston Farm is but 5 miles to the West.
> Hoping to be there and if anyone else arrives I'll be pleasantly
> surprised
> Gerry Winskill

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