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You lot might have met a complex front but my depression was worse!
Sat through the DVD "You'll like", to find the claim wide of the mark. "The Interpreter", like a dumbed down Day of the Jackal. Worse, I could scarcely hear the sound. Is it a fact that rental DVDs are not the same quality as the purchaed versions?

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

It was unfortunate that our evening co-incided with a complex front going
through the area <g>. In the 3.5 hours online I had to keep watching the
METARS because the rate of change was quite marked.

I'm not sure I have the same Norway scenery as you but it was the superb
(and award winning) set for FS2002 that was updated for FS2004 some time
ago. I only have 7mb of BGL's and 46Mb of textures so maybe I've not updated
my set to FS2004 (all the BGL's are dated 11/2002).

Steve grabbed some screenshots of the session so I hope we may see them on
the UK forum..


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Bones -

It was great to be able attend the session for a change!  The hastily
installed Norway freeware & mesh that Franki pointed me towards was
excellent though sadly it didn't extend into Sweden so Kiruna was a little
bleak.  The downloads were a massive 410+MB and I was only just able to get
it up and running in time to join in.  They do get some rotten weather up
there don't they <g>.  Thanks for the session.


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A great night last night with Norway being an attractive choice for the evening's session. High ground, steep approaches and even the Northern Lights turned out for some people. Add to this some really nasty wind sheer on final to 19 at Tromso and it made a very exciting night.

It was nice to join up with other controllers and Frank Petersen at
Bodo Centre was delighted to have some traffic to play with.
Flight of the night
was D-AJAN who flew from ENAT to ENTC in a JU52 that took him
HOURS.. <vbg>
Highlight of the night (for me) was Steve Tape flying from
Tromso to Alta in
the new Argosy and suffering a double engine failure. He got
back OK but I
had to steer him down a fiord to avoid the high ground around
him. Luckily
our radar isn't blocked by the hills as in real life
otherwise it would have
been a disaster - he was IMC and losing two engine had also
knocked out some
of his electrics and hydraulics (gear worked but not flaps).
All in all he
did a very good job to get it back on the ground.

Thanks to everyone who joined in - and my sympathy to Ernie who logged
in but couldn't get FS to work properly.


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