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It was unfortunate that our evening co-incided with a complex front going
through the area <g>. In the 3.5 hours online I had to keep watching the
METARS because the rate of change was quite marked.

I'm not sure I have the same Norway scenery as you but it was the superb
(and award winning) set for FS2002 that was updated for FS2004 some time
ago. I only have 7mb of BGL's and 46Mb of textures so maybe I've not updated
my set to FS2004 (all the BGL's are dated 11/2002).

Steve grabbed some screenshots of the session so I hope we may see them on
the UK forum..


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Bones -

It was great to be able attend the session for a change!  The hastily
installed Norway freeware & mesh that Franki pointed me towards was
excellent though sadly it didn't extend into Sweden so Kiruna was a little
bleak.  The downloads were a massive 410+MB and I was only just able to get
it up and running in time to join in.  They do get some rotten weather up
there don't they <g>.  Thanks for the session.


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> A great night last night with Norway being an attractive choice for
> the evening's session. High ground, steep approaches and even the
> Northern Lights turned out for some people. Add to this some really
> nasty wind sheer
> on final to 19 at Tromso and it made a very exciting night.
> It was nice to join up with other controllers and Frank Petersen at
> Bodo Centre was delighted to have some traffic to play with.
> Flight of the night
> was D-AJAN who flew from ENAT to ENTC in a JU52 that took him
> HOURS.. <vbg>
> Highlight of the night (for me) was Steve Tape flying from
> Tromso to Alta in
> the new Argosy and suffering a double engine failure. He got
> back OK but I
> had to steer him down a fiord to avoid the high ground around
> him. Luckily
> our radar isn't blocked by the hills as in real life
> otherwise it would have
> been a disaster - he was IMC and losing two engine had also
> knocked out some
> of his electrics and hydraulics (gear worked but not flaps).
> All in all he
> did a very good job to get it back on the ground.
> Thanks to everyone who joined in - and my sympathy to Ernie who logged
> in but couldn't get FS to work properly.
> bones
> bones@xxxxxxx
> http://fsaviation.net

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