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you are taking along time to go
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  Your Lairdship -

  I'll only believe that provided that each and every list member is awarded 
FOC a bottle of the best amber liquid from the distillery nearest to 

  [Byee!  Gotta go & pack...]

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    Hang on here! It was all very well having him as the reputable Mr Winskill, 
but promoting him to a knight of the realm! 

    I'll be the highest ranking on here if you don't mind, anyone who wishes to 
challenge me can do so with a brace of dueling pistols on the threshold at 
dawn! (its the new bird deterrent they are trying out at Ronaldsway ;) ) 

    With the greatest of respect, 

    Laird Alexander James Barrett of Glencairn ('tis true and on the register, 
look it up ;) ) 

    Paul wrote: 
Sir Winskill (promotion) <g>,


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