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I think your dried frog pills are wearing off.


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Hi John,
Welcome to the funny farm I just hope that your email writing is as
relaxed and unhurried as your ATC voice. That way some of us geriatrics
on the JHB list will have a fair chance of being able to read your
postings. Since a few of us have dodgy hearing, perhaps you could send
them in Braille?

Would have welcomed you earlier but since you joined my email system had
ceased to work. Just like FPI comms..........

Timing could have been better. I've received your JHB number and my Visa
PIN number, on the same day. At my time of life this could result in a
cash flow problem. John did tell you about the subscription fees?

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

>I would like to take this opportunity to welcome John Hill to our ranks
>- John will be joining us as JHB199.
>Most of you will already know John's dulcet tones on FPI as he is one
>of our regular UK controllers. I hope an extra controller here will
>stop you all ganging up on me <vbg>..
>To John I would like to say welcome to the madhouse. You will have
>spoken to most of the pilots here already so I think you know what you
>may have let yourself in for. Gremlins would have been eaten by this
>Methinks I'd better lie low for the next couple of days..

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