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Hello Ernie, Thanks for the welcome.Aye I know Percy St.,but Nelson's not my place of origin.I originate from Cherry Tree,Blackburn.I wouldn't encourage you to come back to Nelson,things have changed in the last 36 yrs I've been here;but the countryside is still nice. Nice to come across an ex local. Fred
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Welcome Fred,
I am Ernie,and I also originated in Nelson (Lancashire) in 1918 !!!! I used to live in Percy Street,near Bradshaw St School.Do you know it ? This JHB crowd are really good,but a bit crazy.They know thair onions about computer jargon though.So if you need anything just ASK.Someone will know.
Again Welcome and Cheers
Ernie Laycock
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I know the crew room is for your relaxation and enjoyment but may I ask you
to tidy it up a bit please as I have a new pilot to bring in shortly. I'm
not asking a lot - just hide the more salacious magazines under your comfy
chairs, put some of the empty pizza boxes in the bin (not the lot - maybe
just 50 or so) and maybe the same for the empty coffee cups - although the
pyramid in the middle of the room does look somewhat artistic. And can
someone take THAT picture down off the wall - yes, you all know the one I

Gentlemen, our new pilot is Fred Stopforth (JHB207). Fred comes from Nelson
in the best county in the UK (...waits for the raspberries to stop blowing).
Now go easy on young Fred as he's relatively new to FS and is eager to join
us online. I'll shortly be guiding him through the initial stages of the PC
software followed by some setup sessions to get his system up and running.
After that I am sure Fred will have more than a few questions for us and
hope you will all jump in and give him the support that JHB is famous for.
And I'll get very cross if anyone sends him down to Stores to get a tin of
elbow grease..

Fred, welcome to the madhouse. I'm not really sure you know what you have
let yourself in for..


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