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Good evening gentlemen or should I say lads Thanks for the welcome excuse my trouserlegs looking abit of a mess but those black bin bags at the door entrance are hard to see in the dark especially when the entrance light is'nt working--has the bulb gone?--and well sticky pizza cheese has certainly made a mess round my trouser knee areas and look at my hands the tomatoe sauce is the reason why my hands look as if they're bleeding so I could do with being shown to the sink;not to wash the cups but no doubt it will be my turn sometimes.Well I'll certainly be pestering you with a lot of questions to try and understand what I've got involved in. I'm often quoted to as Trying Fred --I do try and I suppose I can be quite Trying.Excuse me I've got to go and pick my clients up[literaly] Will join you hopefully when I get back-O'heck what a mess I look!
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I hadn't spotted that the logo's were working again.. Must reinstate mine.


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G'day Fred -

Well then, may I be the first REAL crew member to welcome you to join our
merry band. The old, battered object in the corner of the crewroom (nearest
the bar) is not actually Tom Smith despite appearances, it is actually an
old, battered armchair. It is MINE although I do lend it to Gerry
occasionally when he gets tired of propping up the bar.

As you will be making LOTS of posts both here and on the PilotClub site I
will post-haste generate a ID logo for you to use on the forums (after the
nurse has been round with my medication) ...



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I know the crew room is for your relaxation and enjoyment but may I
ask you to tidy it up a bit please as I have a new pilot to bring in
shortly. I'm
not asking a lot - just hide the more salacious magazines
under your comfy
chairs, put some of the empty pizza boxes in the bin (not the
lot - maybe
just 50 or so) and maybe the same for the empty coffee cups -
although the
pyramid in the middle of the room does look somewhat artistic. And can
someone take THAT picture down off the wall - yes, you all
know the one I

Gentlemen, our new pilot is Fred Stopforth (JHB207). Fred comes from
Nelson in the best county in the UK (...waits for the raspberries to
stop blowing).
Now go easy on young Fred as he's relatively new to FS and is
eager to join
us online. I'll shortly be guiding him through the initial
stages of the PC
software followed by some setup sessions to get his system up
and running.
After that I am sure Fred will have more than a few questions
for us and
hope you will all jump in and give him the support that JHB
is famous for.
And I'll get very cross if anyone sends him down to Stores to
get a tin of
elbow grease..

Fred, welcome to the madhouse. I'm not really sure you know what you
have let yourself in for..


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