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Brilliant welcome speech Boss. If that doesn't scare him off then he is already one of us. Welcome Chris.


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Kicking Mr. Brook out of the way for assuming my role at the head of the
welcoming party I would also like to welcome Chris on board JHB.

If you gentlemen would like to give Chris the comfy chair in the corner away
from the stagnant growth in the bin - which I bought at considerable
personal expense for your used coffee cups ONLY (which seems to have been
completely ignored) - I'll fill him in on some details.

There are two JHB email lists - just to confuse people. We use Freelists and
their normal policy is to archive posts in a list, at which point any
material is available for public scrutiny.

jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (this list) is our normal communication channel
and for non sensitive material.

jhb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx is a non archived list we should use if personal details
or discussion is involved.

Some of the Diamond crews you may have already spoken to or seen in passing on IVAO. Our steps in this direction are still slightly tentative but I have
been pleased to see a good number dipping their toes in the water already.

I won't introduce everyone right now as I am sure names will fall into place very quickly over the next few days. For now I will just say that I seem to
be loosely in charge of this band of er... hmmm... aircrew, who I am sure
will make you feel at home very quickly. That is if your home looks like the
aftermath of a train wreck..

Don't sit on the rumpled coat on the chair in the other corner. That hides
Tom who doesn't like being woken up unless you have a coffee or a chocolate
biscuit to give him. What looks like a dead dog on the floor beside him is
actually his flight bag. DON'T TOUCH IT.

I'd give you a locker but they suffered a slight accident. Someone (AND I
KNOW WHO YOU ARE) forgot his key one day and used a braising torch to burn
through the hinges. Unfortunately the adjacent locker was full of toilet
paper (and I know who YOU are too) and the ensuing conflagration, assisted
when a bottle of whisky exploded in yet another locker (and I know etc etc
etc) reduced the whole lot to worthless junk in a matter of minutes. After a
survey of the damage to the lockers, the crew uniforms and other essential
kit was made the total cost of the incident was estimated at fourteen quid
(almost) and that was enough to put the company in the red. We've been
struggling ever since.

If you haven't got a sense of humour or suffer from slight insanity I'd
suggest you leave as quickly as possible. Mind the flight bag - it bites.


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Welcome Chris, you must realise by now that you really must be mad to want
to join in here ...


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Just after I post this I will be adding a new pilot to the email

Chris Prophet JHB209 is a C2 rated controller on IVAO and
also an experienced pilot. He wants to join a VA with some
"character". I hate to tell him the truth..

Any posts you send after 0030 will be sent to him too.


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