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I'd use that drive for the Gen-X Frank, keeping it on a physically separate
drive (as opposed to a separate petition) is definitely an advantage.


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Hi Fred

Don't want to make you jealous. But.

Intel Q9550
Coolmaster Hyper TX2 cooler
Nvidia 9800GTS overclocked
Coolmaster case black
Corsair XMS 8gig RAM
500gb fast drive, for FSX only should be more than enough. But will have a 
spare  200gb SATA available if needed.
700w supply
Creative extreme X-FI audio
Pinnacle dual tuner
Win Vista Premium 64

Just under a grand, from www.powerc.com, only 30 minutes drive from here.

The 24 inch widescreen from Pixmania. ACER P243W with VGA/DVI and HDMI 

TrackIR from www.rcsimulations.com

One more purchase to go, a wireless network printer to replace the aging 
Epson 915 (cartridges are getting difficult to source)

And that will be it for a couple of years or more.

My current machine will handle all the mundain tasks.

Frank F
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> OOps you beat me to it.Just sent to you about Intel price cuts.I was
> wondering if it meant the we have chance of getting a high end spec 
> computer
> at a much reduced price? What machine spec have you got coming? You've 
> moved
> pretty quick kitting yourself up.T/IR& 24'' LCD ooo  I'm getting envious.
> Fred
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>> In preparation for my new machine (due to collect tomorrow), I have
>> removed
>> GenX from my current install, which I will be keeping for test and
>> possible
>> online flying.
>> I had not realised, just how much it slowed down my current machine.
>> This hopefully will not affect my new machine, which will be primarily 
>> for
>> FS.
>> I have also ditched FS9,as just very recently, it is not responding to my
>> Saitek controls as it had, total uninstalls and reinstalls of FS9, has 
>> not
>> got it back to as it was. A pity.
>> Also have tested out my new toys, TrackIR and a 24 inch LCD, like wow!!!
>> Now the fun part, reinstalling everything on the new machine and testing,
>> I
>> can stay online on the old machine fortuneatly
>> Frank F
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