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All the best Tom,
Looks like we'll have to dig out those "L" plates if we're to visit in the
future <g>
If you're likely to be only collecting e-mail intermittantly, check with
Bones on how best to avoid mailbox overload from the list.
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Subject: [jhb_airlines] New email address for Tom Isaac

Hello friends,
As my move to France is now imminent, some major rationalization is
underway. One of the first casualties is my broadband connection which
includes my email addresses!
As a temporary measure I have signed up for a new email account with YAHOO.
The address is tomisaac1956@xxxxxxxxxxx
Once established in France I will be arranging a new broadband connection
and will forward the details when available.
P.S. To all on the JHB mailing list - I am missing your company & banter. I
really hope to be establishing contact with you all again soon and look
forward to flying/controlling with you all again soon.
Cheers for now.
Tom Isaac

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