[jhb_airlines] New Year

  • From: "Bones" <bones@xxxxxxx>
  • To: "JHB Email List" <jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2006 04:52:08 -0000

I had to settle on a bottle of Appleton VX to see the New Year in having
failed to locate an Admiral Rodney. Rather nice but not quite to the same

It seems appropriate then to wish you merry gentlemen a very Happy New Year
and to raise a glass in your honour. You have all been excellent company and
I thank you for your humour, your expertise and your unfailing support. I
have enjoyed the last twelve months and look forward to the next year.

On balance I thought 2005 was a good year for us having gained some new
members. I had expected FPI to grow more but let us hope this is just
delayed and maybe 2006 will see more action - it could certainly use it. As
for FS2004 itself it is certainly proving to be one of the better FS
releases and I think we have seen a tremendous number of very high quality
add-ons for it. This support is nice to see as FS2004 is far more complex
than earlier versions and designing is no longer easy. Because of this
aircraft and scenery releases are far less in number than for FS98 - but the
teams that have come together to continue work have made some really
excellent work.

Sometime this coming year FS2006 will appear and I suspect we will see
further changes to the way scenery and aircraft are built. Some parts of
FS2004 are already XML coded and designers are getting to grips with this
now for gauges, effects and the like. I suspect that scenery will also move
over to XML and that the learning curve will start again. This will probably
require new design tools but I am sure, as in the past, these will not be
long in appearing.

The current big question is going to concern aircraft design. GMax is a
superb tool for this but now that Discreet have stopped supporting this
product we can't say for sure if MS will move on to a new design tool. If so
then I can only hope that they will be kind enough to include this in the
package just as they gave us GMax with FS2002/4.

I think we have an interesting year ahead..


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